Charlie Louvin Home From Hospital – Updated

Country Music Hall of Famer and Grand Ole Opry member Charlie Louvin is home from the hospital after recovering from dehydration and a urinary tract infection. Blake Judd of Judd Films spoke to Charlie’s son Charlie Louvin Jr., who also goes by Sonny, on Sunday morning who said that Charlie had been in the hospital from Monday to Thursday, but is now home feeling a little better, resting and recovering. Charlie Louvin has been fighting pancreatic cancer, and apparently the incident had more to do with dehydration, and Charlie’s cancer has not spread.

Louvin had surgery in July 2010 to remove the cancer, but the operation did not go as planned. The cancer was then deemed “inoperable” and Charlie began to pursue alternative healing methods. According to Opry historian Byron Fay, Charlie’s son Sonny earlier in the week said “It’s over.”

About three weeks ago, Charlie took a turn for the worse. He went back to his old ways, smoking more than ever… It’s over. . . He said ‘I’m tired, son and want to go home’. He’s had a great run in life. I know a side of him that not too many know. His mind is in a lot of confusion, hallucinations, etc., but he knows me.”

UPDATE: Sonny has since clarified that when he said “It’s Over,” he meant Charlie’s career, not his life. Saving Country Music hopes to have more clarification on this story shortly.

On November 9th, Charlie released his latest album The Battle Rages On, which showed Charlie on the cover smoking a cigarette. Later the picture was updated to a non-smoking version.

Judd Films and Neltner Creative recorded Charlie’s last performance for the 50th Anniversary of the Satan Is Real concert on December 3rd in Nashville, and is currently producing a benefit DVD for Charlie’s medical expenses.

Everyone please keep Charlie in your thoughts and prayers.

(Thanks to Juli Thanki of District Noise for helping run down information for this story.)

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