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It Burns When I PeeThe It Burns When I Pee Podcast needs help people. No, I’m not talking about castration, a flea dip, and electro-shock therapy (though Jeebus knows they could use this as well.) No, they need your ears, simple as that. Sure you could also go to the IBWIP Store and be tempted by the lifted skirt and perfumed inner thigh of their wares. Or you could cut the chit chat and go to their MySpace Page, locate the donate button and drop a few bucks in the hat.

All of those things would be good, but the most important thing you can give any of us podcasters or writers is your time and attention. If we did this stuff for the money, you’d never have heard of us. We do it for love of the music, and a faith that someday, somehow, the payoff will come, if it hasn’t already and we just haven’t realized it yet. Episode 25 of IBWIP includes an great interview with Justin Townes Earle, songs, shtick, skits, buggery, blasphemy, and the pouring of champagne over the exposed breasts of buxom young ladies in the name of high volume pimping (ok I made that last one up).

So go on over there and get you some. You can thank me later.