UPDATED: Clear Channel DJ Bobby Bones May Leave Radio

bobby-bones-show***UPDATE: Bobby Bones has decided to stay with Clear Channel. See his video below.

Influential Clear Channel country music DJ Bobby Bones might be calling it quits according to a letter he posted to his listeners and fans on Twitter Thursday evening (1-30). The morning show DJ for WSIX in Nashville that is the flagship of Clear Channel’s country music syndicated network started on the job after being moved from an Clear Channel pop station in Austin just less than a year ago. Since then his show has taken off, and is currently carried by over 50 Clear Channel stations across the country.

Bobby Bones’s meteoric rise has been making news lately, with Saving Country Music and CBS News running features on the DJ. He also recently made headlines by getting in a heated Twitter argument with recent Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves. Bobby Bones is a big part of Clear Channel’s plans as it partners with CMT in the midst of a country music media arms race. Bobby Bones has done some work on television, and this could be where he is headed, apparently with his crew of friends that he brought along with him from Austin that also make up The Bobby Bones Show.

Originally from Arkansas, Bobby Bones started with Clear Channel as a local DJ in Austin, TX for the Top 40 pop station 96.7 KISS FM, with his Bobby Bones Show eventually being syndicated to a few other regional markets. Though Bobby had big offers to move to the West Coast, he stayed in Austin and became a local favorite, winning “Best Radio Personality” by the Austin Music Awards from 2004-2008. In February of 2013, Clear Channel finally convinced Bobby to move to Nashville, and to make the switch from Top 40 radio to country. He was recently named as a nominee by the Academy of Country Music for National On-Air Personality of the Year for the upcoming ACM Awards.

But Bobby’s leaving is not set in stone yet. He’s said to be pondering the decision, and will make his decision public at noon Central on Monday (2-3). See the full context of his letter to his fans below.

***UPDATE (1-31-14 4:00 PM CST): Bobby Bones has decided to stay with Clear Channel. “Obviously it was television,” says Bobby. “I’ve decided to stay on the radio, and stay with IHeartRadio and Clear Channel instead of take this other offer that was really good, but would have taken me off the air.”

See his video explaining his decision below.

The original Bobby Bones letter:

As you may have heard or read on the internet, Ive been offered a ‘job” outside radio that has me reconsidering my decision to do mornings.

I love radio. I love even more the listeners of the show, and the culture we have created of “Keepin’ It Real.” That’s why Im addressing this now, because Im going to get off of twitter for the next few days because of the rumors.

so, lets just cut to the chase as they say

On Monday before 3p, I must let my agent know whether or not Im accepting the offer. If I do, that will be the end of The Bobby Bones Show.

and to prove that is NOT a ratings stunt, I will not be making my announcement on my show. I will think it over this weekend. and on Monday at noon, I will come on the radio on our local affiliate WSIX, explain the situation, and give you my answer.

I never wanted money to come into play in these decisions. But sometimes it does have actual influence. and I have the cance to do something that Ive wanted to do for a very long time.

I will be letting you guys know everything  at NOON CST on our Nashville affiliate WSIX. I get 0 ratings for noon. and Im not requesting any other stations carry it. IF they want to, they can.

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up because you are the most loyal listeners I have ever seen/heard anywhere. you guys have created us.

I will think long and hard about it. I will talk with my friends. I will have conversations with Jay Shannon and Michael Bryan. as well as Rod Phillips. guys who are important to me professionally and personally.

again, this isn’t a ratings stunt. and i could have dragged this out for a long time. but i have chosen not to. However it was starting to reach message boards, etc so I needed to address it.

Monday. Noon central. on WSIX.

Thanks B

Bobby Bones also subsequently posted, “for those asking ill be taking all of my friends with me! the whole crew will have new jobs. relax. my show mates are my BFF’s. all good.”

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