CMT To Unveil New “Ow! My Balls!” Reality Show

ow-my-ballsCMT, who has been dramatically reshaping their broadcast schedule recently, featuring a whopping 7 new reality TV shows in their latest lineup, is looking to add yet another one called Ow! My Balls! in the upcoming months. The show reportedly features a man continuously getting hit in his testicles, with no other significant plot or characters.

CMT has said that by 2016, they want to have four complete nights of original reality show programming, with the flagship being the controversial show Party Down South from the same producers of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Party Down South has been criticized by many for perpetuating negative Southern stereotypes, promoting imbecile behavior, and generally dumbing down society. Ow! My Balls! is likely to ruffle feathers even further, and was recently green-lighted with full production on the show to start soon in hopes of adding the it to next season’s lineup.

However cartoonist, voice actor, and director Mike Judge, best known for the animated series King of the Hill, and for being the director of the 2006 dystopian cult film Idiocracy, is not too happy over the upcoming reality show, and is taking action. Judge first showcased the Ow! My Balls! concept in Idiocracy, and the show portrayed in the movie virtually mirrors the one in production for CMT. Judge’s depiction of the show was meant to illustrate how the human population is slowly devolving into a state of anti-intellectualism, devoid of curiosity, and resulting in a uniformly unthinking society.

Lawyers for Mike Judge have sent CMT a “cease & desist” letter.

“This is clearly a case of intellectual property infringement by CMT,” says Mike Judge’s Lawyer Spencer Frankenfurter. “If the network had negotiated with us for the rights to use the concept, or had at least asked permission, then maybe we would be more accommodating. But as it stood, CMT wanted to make all the dough, while Mr. Judge took it in the … well, you know.”

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