Cody Jinks Lists Off 9 (Yes, 9) Separate Projects on the Way

photo: Brad Coolidge

If you follow most independent musicians closely, you know most of them are always planning and scheming to release two new records in the next year, and a side project. That’s just how their brain works, always looking forward to sharing new music. Then of course, life gets in the way and it’s two years until their next release.

With Cody Jinks, you have to take those threats seriously after he surprised everyone in 2019 and released two full-length albums on back to back weeks with The Wanting and After The Fire, and just a year after releasing 2018’s Lifers and touring full time. He’s also released two previously-unheard songs so far in 2020, “Fast Lane” and “Watch The World Die.”

Well on Friday, Cody Jinks dropped a missive on social media enumerating no less than nine projects he has on the way in one capacity or another—some he’s hinted at in the past, some that are probably mostly done, and a few that may not see the light of day in the next year or so, but don’t be surprised if they do. Here’s a breakdown.

1. “A Couple In” Podcast: That’s right. Move over Joe Rogan, Cody Jinks is getting into the podcast business, and says he already has 15 episodes in the can, including the inaugural episode that captures him sitting down with country legend Clint Black. Remember, Clint Black invited Cody Jinks to perform on his recent single “This Old House,” and was the man who gave Jinks the opportunity for his Grand Ole Opry debut on August 28th, 2019.

2. Adobe Sessions Unplugged and Behind The Music: Adobe Sessions is considered by many to be Cody’s finest work, and so to pay tribute to the record, he’s looking to launch a special project. “Handful of acoustic guitars, a few cameras, a few drinks and some good times. Josh and I sat down and discussed each song in great detail. This is something we have never done before, so get ready for a bad ass show,” Cody Jinks says. Don’t think of this as just an album, but a multimedia experience. “It’ll stream early September and for those that purchase the stream, you will have the opportunity to get it on CD as well. The CD will not be available anywhere else for the foreseeable future, so…” says Jinks. Expect more information on this very soon.

3. An Acoustic Album: Consider this a COVID-19 special. No word on a track list just yet, but it will include acoustic renditions of some of Cody’s biggest songs. Jinks says it should be out in 2020.

4. A Lefty Frizzell Covers Album: This could be super cool. Cody’s music and cover selections mostly reside in the Outlaw era and the 80’s and 90’s. It will be really interesting to hear his take on some Golden Era Lefty classics. “Has been on my to do list for some time. Super stoked about it,” Jinks says. Lefty never gets his proper due. When Brennen Leigh did a tribute record to Frizzell a few years ago, it turned out very well.

5. Red Rocks Live Album: Cody Jinks brought the house down to a capacity crowd at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater on July 13th, 2019, and there was a pro setup there to capture it all for a proper live record. Jinks says it’s “done, mixed, mastered and ready to go. Just waiting on the vinyl plant to provide us a schedule we can rely on and we’ll be putting that dude out.” Stay tuned.

6. A Double Live Album: No, we’re not talking about an addendum or accessory to the live Red Rocks record. Cody Jinks says he has live recordings from various cities that he wants to turn into a double live album all its own. Don’t expect this tomorrow. It’s likely the Red Rocks record will be the priority, with this one coming at some point later down the road.

7. New Proper Studio Album(s): Cody says he’s been working with co-writers on enough new original songs “to record a few albums.” It may be 2021 before we hear those results, but busying himself with acoustic, live, and cover records won’t put a dent in new, original material it sounds like.

8. A Rock EP? : And it’s yet another project that Jinks says may come out this year. “I’m not saying I’ve been writing some rock music… I’m not saying I have a catalogue of rock songs I’ve been stacking up for years… But let’s say I did say that, now what?” Jinks teases about this project. As longtime Cody fans know, he started in the music business in a heavy metal band.

9. A Christmas EP: “Since the holidays are right around the corner, we came to the conclusion that a Christmas EP is in order,” Jinks says, just in case anyone wants to accuse him of being a slouch, or a grouch.

– – – – – – – – – –

So yeah, that’s nine projects he mentions, maybe 10 or 11 if you consider he’s got enough songs for “a few” new studio records. Don’t expect all of this stuff to see the light of day in the next six months, but anticipate some of it to arrive sooner than later.

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