Cody Jinks Releases New Song – Teases Live Album

photo: Brad Coolidge

This story has been updated.

Despite the long beard and tough exterior Cody Jinks exudes as a fiercely traditional country artist with an Outlaw bent and a heavy metal past, he’s never been one for passing judgement or laying blame on anybody. In fact he’s railed against such things in his music often, pointing the finger back at all the finger pointing as feckless and fruitless under a “live and let live” ideology. One of Cody’s signature songs “Cast No Stones” is about that very subject.

Many artists are releasing songs these days that seem eerily prescient to the pandemic, pulling them out of their stockpile of B-sides and studio extras, or some that were written in the midst of the shutdown. Cody Jinks is the latest, releasing “Watch The World Die” as a standalone single—the second he’s released in the last few months along with “Fast Lane” to help give the sick and shut in some reprieve. He wrote the song solo and recorded it as part of the sessions for his album I’m Not The Devil released in 2016.

In this doomsday scenario, all the incessant bickering and blame laying leads to bombs falling and fires burning, and whether he’s speaking figuratively or literally, Cody’s solution for this grave scenario is for him and his is to head back to the bedroom and enjoy the company of each other as the end of days draws nigh.

“Watch The World Die” is just as much as a love story as it is anything, while Cody’s signature sound of loud, heavy, thunderous country music instrumentation makes for a worthy presentation for a song about the Apocalypse.

All indications are that “Watch The World Die” is not tied to any impending new studio album. After all, Jinks released two just late last year. However he did recently announce his intention to release a live album at some point in the future tied to his landmark, sold-out performance at the famous Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado on July 13th, 2019. There’s also rumors he will have an acoustic album on the way. Stay tuned on more details about these albums when they become available.

In the meantime, you can spin “Watch The World Die” below.

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