Cody Jinks Shares Certified Platinum Song with His Son

photo: Brad Coolidge

Every once in a while you experience one of those moments that puts it all into perspective—why we support independent music and artists, why we root for their success, and when they find it, how we all share in it together.

Starting in 2020, the glass ceiling that once hung over artists like Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, Whiskey Myers and the like that kept them out of contention for Gold and Platinum records certified by the RIAA was finally shattered. Where in previous eras, you needed radio, or major labels, or big awards shows to achieve that level of success, now grassroots support and word-of-mouth was enough to put them over the top.

The Cody Jinks song “Loud and Heavy” was first Certified Gold on March 31st, 2020. On August 5th of 2020, his song “Hippies and Cowboys” also became Certified Gold for reaching 500,000 in sales and streaming equivalents. Then on September 15th of 2020, Cody Jinks and “Loud and Heavy” did something no other independent artist had done in country music in the modern era: go Certified Platinum for over 1 million in sales and streaming equivalents.

Earlier this week, Cody Jinks finally got his plaques for the achievement, and took to social media to show them off. But this wasn’t just about him. This was a family affair. After all, Cody’s son is a co-writer on “Loud and Heavy,” meaning he gets his own Platinum record as well. Last year Cody Jinks told the story from on stage.

“My son and I were riding down the road in my white van, it was his second birthday,” Cody explained. “He wanted to go to Tractor Supply Company and see a tractor. While we were up there it started raining, and I said ‘Hey buddy, there’s a lot of loud thunder and heavy rain out there’ and he just said ‘Loud thunder heavy rain’ over and over and over. And I got that tune in my head… He’s got half the writer’s rights on that song.”

In the video of Cody inspecting his new Platinum records (see below), he talks about how much it means to him as an independent artist, and to be awarded for a song he wrote with his son. “This means the world. This isn’t some B.S. predetermined ACM or CMA piece of shit. This is real. This is something that you guys helped us do. But when I say ‘us,’ this song wouldn’t have come to fruition without at the time my little boy who was 2-years-old inspired that song.”

If not for the support independent artists get from fans, local radio stations, podcasters, venues, festivals, and the like, they often can’t even start families, or support them well through music. Cody Jinks has been one of the fortunate ones, and worked very hard to get to where he is. It also often comes with lots of sacrifice, including time away from family while on the road. That’s why an award and a moment like this means so much.

It’s still too fleeting and rare in music, but sometimes the good guys still win.

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The new album from Cody Jinks called ‘Mercy’ will be released November 12th.

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