Cody Jinks Signs Erin Viancourt to Late August Records

Cody Jinks has some big things cooking for 2023, and not all of them will have his name on the front.

Jinks formed his own record label called Late August Records with his longtime manager Arthur Penhallow Jr. at True Grit Management, as well as Malia Barrett back in 2021. The completely independent label was established to not only facilitate Cody’s new releases, but the entire Cody Jinks catalog was brought under the Late August Records umbrella.

Now it’s been announced that Cody Jinks has partnered with distribution company The Orchard to be the distributor for Late August Records, and even more interesting, that the label has signed its first artist not named Jinks.

The Orchard is a subsidiary of Sony Music that allows independent labels to distribute and market music through the same channels as major labels without having to hire major in-house teams. Companies such as Third Man Records, Fat Possum Records, and Black River Entertainment use The Orchard, and it’s one of the developments that helped facilitate the rapid growth in the independent music space over the last decade. Started in 2002, The Orchard was acquired in part by Sony in 2012, and fully in 2015.

“The artist always comes first at The Orchard,” says Brad Navin, The Orchard’s CEO. “As a home for independent creators, we share a deep understanding with Cody about the need for bespoke campaigns tailored to the artist’s needs. Our new partnership with Late August will provide artists with the tools and support to build, sustain and elevate their global reach.

The first artist to benefit from that global reach will be Erin Viancourt, who Cody Jinks fans will be very aware of after she spent stints in 2022 touring and opening for Cody. “So excited to be wrapping up this record we just made and couldn’t be more grateful to have the love and support from Cody Jinks and Late August Records. This is gonna be AWESOME,” Viancourt says.

Cody Jinks has also been in the studio recently, and says he will be going back in after the Holidays to finish up a new album. Jinks also recently announced that he will be playing the on the massive Rodeo Houston stage on March 13th, 2023.

“The Orchard…have been empowering independent creators for a very long time,” says Jinks. “This has been a long time in the making, as we needed to find the perfect partner to help us continue to ‘CHANGE THE GAME,’ not only for myself, but for the many artists the label will sign in the years to come. The core of it all is about protecting the artist, making sure they own their music, copyrights, trademarks, image and likeness, and merchandise, along with educating the artist, while treating them like family.”

Cody Jinks calls Erin Viancourt “… a badass with every possible skill one needs to make it in this business. Beyond that, her independence dedication, kindness, confidence, coolness, determination and ‘it’ factor are just a few of the extras she brings to the table. The perfect debut artist for Late August Records.”

Erin Viancourt and Cody Jinks will once again be taking the stage together when they both visit Louisville, Kentucky and the Louisville Palace February 3rd and 4th, 2023.

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