Cody Jinks to Re-Issue Breakout Album “Less Wise” w/ Bonus Tracks


If you can’t get enough of Cody Jinks and you’re hankering for a tide over until his next studio record, consider getting yourself a copy of a re-issue of what many consider Cody’s breakout record, 2010’s Less Wise. Recorded at Blue Smoke Studios in Cody’s home of Ft. Worth, TX on what Cody calls a “nearly zero budget,” it will be re-released on November 17th in remixed and remastered form, with three bonus tracks.

In 2010, Cody Jinks was well under the radar. But he brought his Tonedeaf Hippies into the studio and recorded an album that shows incredible depth of songwriting early in his career, including multiple songs that are now staples of his live shows. Along with eight original tracks, Less Wise features “Last Call for the Blues” from Scott Copeland, and Nate Kipp’s “Love Letters and Cigarettes.” The re-issued version, being called Less Wise Modified 2017 will feature alternative takes of “Hippies & Cowboys” and “Somewhere in the Middle,” as well as a cover of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound.”

The title track “Less Wise” is a song Jinks wrote about his four best friends that he calls “The Less Wise Guys.” The original cover for the album was black with white lettering, and the re-issue will be white with black lettering. Jinks released it independently.

Cody Jinks recently shocked the country music community by selling out consecutive nights at the Ryman on Oct. 20th and 21st with Ward Davis and Sunny Sweeney supporting. The accomplishment speaks to the growing groundswell behind Jinks’ music.

Also announced today, he will be releasing his album Adobe Sessions on vinyl in December with a bonus track. More details soon.

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  1. cody-jinks-less-wise-reissueNo Time
  2. Wake Up Becki
  3. Hippies & Cowboys
  4. 65 Days in L.A.
  5. Somewhere in the Middle
  6. Been Around
  7. Last Call for the Blues
  8. Curse the Sky
  9. Loveletters and Cigarettes
  10. Less Wise
  11. Hippies & Cowboys (Alt Take)
  12. Somewhere in the Middle (Alt Take)
  13. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
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