Colter Wall Proves He’s a Good Dude After Show Cancellations

Colter Wall just set off a good dude alert.

Trying to navigate the live music space though the COVID era has been harrowing enough with all the constant cancellations and postponements as waves come and go, and local officials and venues do their best to manage through the situation.

But one of the things that has sucked the most for many ticketholders is the way some promoters, festivals, artists, and venues have held onto money for at some point well over a year for originally purchased tickets as opposed to offering full refunds to shows that may or may not be rescheduled at some point in the distant future.

Hey, we understand that venues, promoters, and artists have been hosed in this ordeal as well, and sometimes have needed to hold onto that money to stay afloat. But many patrons are in a tight spot financially too.

Colter Wall was one of those guys who didn’t really try to figure out how to return to shows during the height of the pandemic. He was perfectly happy just sitting it out, herding cattle on ranches in Canada and Texas. But when he chose to come back, he chose to come back hard by announcing a big round of new dates for the fall of 2021. But as Delta began to surge, and venues started requiring vaccines, Colter just said screw it, I’m gonna go back to riding horses instead of potentially putting people at risk, or asking fans to navigate mandates they may not want to, and postponed the tour to presumably some time in 2022.

Of course most Colter Wall fans would have rather seen the tour move forward and had the opportunity to see him live, but it’s hard to blame Colter for the decision he made.

Then on Tuesday (10-5), Colter Wall did what few artists/venues/festivals have done over the last year-plus, which is actually cancel the shows so the funds can be officially returned to the fans.

Colter Wall’s team said in a statement:

You work hard for what you have. It’s something we’ve all got in common. As the team rescheduled September, October and November 2021 dates for fall 2022, it just didn’t sit right with us that while you waited for rescheduled dates, your wages would be held for another year. For that reason, we canceled the shows, so the refund process could begin. Those ticket refunds are available at place of purchase. We appreciate each of you who bought a ticket, and we hope that when the time comes, you will buy a ticket to the next show.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it shows that Colter Wall is focused on the bigger picture. It’s pretty clear he isn’t into this for the money or fame. You don’t get rich off of singing old cowboy songs. But his forthrightness and grounded nature has made him into a highly cherished performer anyway.

Colter Wall also said he has new videos and songs on the way, so stay tuned.

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