Colter Wall Readies New Album “Songs of the Plains”

Get ready for new music coming from Canadian folk country singer and songwriter Colter Wall, who will release his much-anticipated sophomore full-length album Songs of the Plains on October 12th via Thirty Tigers. Said to be a full dive into the inspiration of his home of the Saskatchewan prairie, Colter writes seven of the new album’s 11 songs, with contributions also coming from Billy Don Burns, the previously-heard “Calgary Round-Up” by Canadian country legend Wilf Carter, and two traditional cowboy tunes “Night Herding Song” and “Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail.”

“One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years, in the United States and playing in Europe, is that people all over the world really don’t know much about Canada at all,” says Colter. “When you talk about Saskatchewan, people really have no idea. Part of it is because there are so few people there. It’s an empty place—it makes sense that people don’t know much about it. But that’s my home, so naturally I’m passionate about it. With this record, I really wanted people to look at our Western heritage and our culture.”

Once again produced by Dave Cobb, the music contributors include legendary country music steel guitar player Lloyd Green, Mickey Raphael on harmonica, fellow Canadian Corb Lund on backing vocals, Chris Powell on drums and percussion, Jason Simpson on bass, as well as performer Blake Berglund on backing vocals, and Dave Cobb lending some acoustic guitar.

Ahead of the release Coter Wall has made a second song from the album available, “Plain to See Plainsman” (listen below). Songs of the Plains is also available for pre-order.

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1. “Plain to See Plainsman” (written by Colter Wall)
2. “Saskatchewan In 1881” (written by Colter Wall)
3. “John Beyers (Camaro Song)” (written by Colter Wall)
4. “Wild Dogs” (written by Billy Don Burns)
5. “Calgary Round-Up” (written by Wilf Carter)
6. “Night Herding Song” (Cowboy Traditional)
7. “Wild Bill Hickok” (written by Colter Wall)
8. “The Trains are Gone” (written by Colter Wall)
9. “Thinkin’ on a Woman” (written by Colter Wall)
10. “Manitoba Man” (written by Colter Wall)
11. “Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail” (Cowboy Traditional)

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