Colter Wall to Release Self-Titled Debut Album


Colter Wall will release his self-titled debut album via Thirty Tigers on May 12th. Produced by Dave Cobb and featuring Cobb and other noted artists such as Robby Turner, the new album looks to put the Saskatchewan, Canada native in the spotlight in North America and beyond after first making waves with his 2015 EP, Imaginary Appalachia.

Like a crusty old bard who pulls his pack mule up to the front of a frontier saloon, or a trapper who parks a sleigh packed with pelts and trinkets to trade in front of a warm inn, walking in the door to earn a meal and respite by sewing tales and entertaining locals for the coins they throw, Colter Wall bends to the task of timeless storytelling, squinting his eyes as he sings like the exit of the stories is so heartfelt it’s painful, and hopes enough will listen to justify the effort. His music is much older than his age, and whether it’s a tender love story, or a torrid murder tale, each story is delivered with care.

The most remarkable takeaway from Colter Wall is his deep, billowy voice, marking the centerpiece of his music. His song “Sleeping on the Blacktop” was recently featured in the Oscar-nominated 2016 film Hell or High Water. Incidentally, his father, Brad Wall, is the Premier of Canada’s Saskatchewan province.

Ahead of the release, Colter Wall has issued a new song called “Thirteen Silver Dollars.” The stripped down track is made available immediately if you pre-order the self-titled release on Amazon or iTunes.

colter-wallColter Wall Track List:

  1. Thirteen Silver Dollars
  2. Codeine Dream
  3. Me and Big Dave
  4. Motorcycle
  5. Kate McCannon
  6. W.B.’s Talkin
  7. Snake Mountain Blues
  8. You Look to Yours
  9. Transcendent Ramblin’ Railroad
  10. Fraulein
  11. Bald Butte