COMPLETE Hank III Concert Video from the Roxy in LA !!!

Hank IIIComplete, unedited video of Hank III’s performance at the Roxy on Friday Feb 28 2009 is now available on Mogulus Live!!! This video includes all the country, Hellbilly, and Assjack sets! Wow!

To access the video, look at the bottom left of the box for the button that says “On Demand.” Click on that bad boy and that should bring up a menu of artists. Then find Hank III (you might have to scroll) and it’s self-explanatory from there. If you do not follow these instructions precisely, then your mind will be melted by Grateful Dead hippie jazz, so be alert. If you still can’t find it, then please forward all complaints to the Complaint’s Department.

I also noticed they also have up another Hank III show from 6-2-06, also at the Roxy.

Nothing like seeing him live, but about as close as you can get!

Also Outlaw Magazine has asked all of us Hank III fans who have seen him on tour to chime in on their MySpace Blog.

AND if you go to and click on the “editorial” tab, you can read a piece written by none other than myself!

And now I’m off to P-Town for the Hank III show on Tuesday night. Hoping to get some interviews and pics before the show, but sorry, you ain’t gonna see no pictures of the concert from me. Once the music starts, the business is done and I’m all leisure. Yeessss ladies and gents, hell will be raised!!!

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