Conclusion: Six Gun Britt & American Idol

In my last post I talked about how singer/songwriter Six Gun Britt had decided to try out for American Idol. Inspired by her residents and co-workers at the nursing home she worked at in Kentucky, Six Gun Britt went out a grueling journey to Atlanta and back, and this was the conclusion in Six Gun’s own words:

“Well”¦ It’s Friday and I’m back in Kentucky. Yesterday I stayed in line for HOURS to try out. After singing Britney Spear’s “Oopps I did it Again” for over an hour with the crowd, I finally got to go onto the field with a couple hundred people to try out. Unlucky for me, I was sent to the executive Producer’s Stand.

“I tried out with a set of 4 people. I sang my heart out with one of my favorite songs, Jolene, and told him why I was there. (About the whole Country music thing and for my Residents) , and he just smiled. After all 4 of us sang, he asked all of us to come to the table. The girl next to me sang soooo awesome, you couldn’t possibly believe the set of pipes this girl had on her. She was AMAZING! There was a guy next to me that didn’t sing as good. BUT!!!”¦ here’s the kicker”¦ After calling all of us to the stand he told all the girls that we weren’t quite what he was looking for and asked us to go to the door. The guy made it. Then it hit me”¦ there were 4 lines of people in front of us also. Every line included one guy. And every guy was asked to stay and get a golden ticket. I finally realized why we weren’t what he was looking for! lol!

“But no big deal. I really had a blast. I do think the show is biased though in many ways. I witnessed it myself. I’m not a sorry loser at all, but it was obvious that there were certain people they were looking for”¦ whether they could sing or not. Do I think that American Idol is crippling out Country music traditions? Yes I do. It’s a factor that’s incredibly hindering it. I wish I could have done more than I did, but a try country music singer (Classic country Hank, Jones, Jennings, Cash, or even Nelson) wouldn’t have even stood a chance with these people. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. You wouldn’t see them living to the beat of a pop culture tune either. And so I am sticking to my roots. That’s all I’ve got and that makes the most sense to me!”

“So lets live loud and keep up with trying to Save Country Music. Stick to our Roots and Tradition because we’re nothing without them! Thanks so much for the support and everything yall have done for me. Seeing yall support me like that meant more than me making it onto the show or not. Thanks again and take er’ easy! I love yall!



I talked on the phone with Six Gun Britt yesterday, and she assured me that this will not break her spirits for pursuing music in the future.

Some people might think that all I do here is piss and moan about music that I hate, and overly-glorify music that I love, all according to my personal tastes. I’m not going to try to make an argument that I’m not biased, but my real desire for country music, and music in general is to see the cream rise to the top; for the most talented musicians, songwriters, and performers, to at least get the recognition they deserve.

Sure, pop country performers must have some talent, and must have done some work at some point to get where they are at. But it should be the priority of our culture to find the best and brightest of any field, whether it be music, country music, art, acting, sports, science, whatever it is, and shine the spotlight on them. Because those are the people that push the rest of us and inspire all of us to try to find and pursue and dedicate ourselves to the things that we do best; the one thing that each of us has that is unique and should be shared with the masses.

Long story short, in this instance, American Idol failed it’s viewers. Sure, it is not a surprise, but this doesn’t make it any less of a tragedy, and a tragedy that is played out virtually every day as concerns for money and fame override talent and excellence.

I have confidence that one day American Idol will have to look back and hang their head that they let Six Gun Britt slide through their fingers.

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