Country Artist Adam Wakefield Faces Rape Allegation

Country artist Adam Wakefield—who rose to popularity through the NBC singing competition The Voice, and also performed in the bluegrass band The SteelDrivers—is facing accusations of rape from a woman stemming from an incident in October 2017.

The accusation was investigated initially by the Metro Nashville Police Department, and no charges were filed at that time. Though the incident went unreported by the media in 2017, the accuser posted a detailed accusation against Wakefield on Twitter under the username @erica__lynn on June 22nd, resulting in numerous country music outlets reporting on the accusation, as well as other women contacting the victim saying they experienced similar incidents with Wakefield.

The original accusation from @erica__lynn reads in full:

A few years ago I was sexually assaulted. I went through the motions, contacted the police, got a rape kit done, spoke with countless officers and got therapy at the Sexual Assault Center.

I had been “talking” to a guy for a few weeks after we met at a bar, and we met up after a Halloween party and he asked to spend the night. I was very drunk, I assume he was as well, and said yes because I thought I trusted him. Later that night I woke up to him on top of me having sex with me, when I asked him to stop he said, “you know you like it,” And wouldn’t. The next morning I went to work and my coworker took me to the hospital to get my rape kit done.

The following week is a blur. I ended up doing a controlled call with the police, which is essentially a call where they record both ends. He repeatedly said, “I’m sorry I fucked up.” While I cried and asked why he raped me. The following day the police went to his apartment and he told them he thought I was awake.

The ADA threw my case out the next day. My rape kit showed trauma, they had recording of him saying he “fucked up,” but it wasn’t enough since he “thought I was awake.”

I’ve kept quiet for years because I am terrified of him, the power he has and the repercussions of speaking out. But how can I support other women and encourage them to come forward when I can’t even do that myself?

His name is Adam Wakefield, and he currently lives in Nashville Tennessee. I had another woman reach out to me when it originally happened saying she went through the same thing. Don’t trust him. He’s charming and manipulative and I don’t want to see anyone else go through what I did.

Saving Country Music reached out to the Nashville Metro Police Department to verify @erica__lynn’s accusations, and was able to obtain the initial police report on the incident filed on October 29th, 2017. Police were called to Nashville General Hospital where the alleged victim had a rape kit performed. She initially refused police assistance, but after being contacted by Metro Nashville Police Sex Crimes detectives, she decided to move forward with an investigation.

“In 2017 a sexual assault allegation involving Mr. Wakefield was investigated by MNPD’s sex crimes section,” Kris Mumford, Nashville Metro Police Spokeswoman confirmed to Saving Country Music. “The case case was staffed with the District Attorney’s office which declined prosecution.”

After the accusation was made public, Adam Wakefield released a statement:

Recently, I was accused of sexual assault on social media. This accusation was in connection with a relationship that took place three years ago. When she made assault accusations at that time, I gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with the investigating authorities. No charges were ever filed against me and this matter was closed.    

I am not going to make any efforts to squash this woman’s statement or try to diminish her voice. I wish nothing but healing and peace for her. I apologize to both my professional and personal family for any hurt this accusation has caused, and especially my mother who has dedicated her life’s work to fighting against domestic violence and other injustices against women.

“I want to clarify that he and I were never in a relationship, the night he assaulted me was only the second time we had ever hung out,” @erica__lynn tells Saving Country Music. “I want Nashville PD to hold him accountable. Other women have filed against him, I know at least one did [Thursday], and I have had one other reach out anonymously.”

According to Metro Nashville police, @erica__lynn’s case against Adam Wakefield is currently closed. Information on any further investigations against Wakefield is currently not available.

Adam Wakefield was the runner up on Season 10 of The Voice for Team Blake Shelton in 2016. He caught the attention of many in country music for his similar singing style to Chris Stapleton. After the show, Wakefield launched a solo career, but filled in briefly with the Grammy Award-winning bluegrass band The SteelDrivers in a position Chris Stapleton once held. Wakefield released a solo debut in 2018 called Gods & Ghosts. It was announced earlier in June that Wakefield had formed a trio with fellow former singing competition stars Craig Wayne Boyd and Casey James called Texas Hill.

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Editors Note: Saving Country Music chose to investigate this story after seeing it reported in numerous other outlets, but with no verification or followup with either the victim, or the Metro Nashville Police. Saving Country Music will continue to monitor the story for any further developments.

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