Country Band The Kentucky Struts Disrupt Tennis Tournament

the-kentucky-strutsThis weekend the eyes of the tennis world will be focused on the second round of the US Open in New York City, but a couple of weeks ago at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati—a US Open-sponsored event leading up to the major tournament—Saving Country Music-approved country band The Kentucky Struts caused quite a ruckus during a tennis match pitting #2 in the world Rafael Nadal from Spain against Tomas Berdych from the Czech Republic.

The Kentucky Struts were playing outside the stadium in the food court, but apparently were loud enough to irritate Tomas Berdych enough to make him complain to officials.

“We got up on stage with all are equipment, amps etc. and went at it,” explains Kentucky Struts front man Todd Lipscomb. “Every thirty seconds the sound man was huffing around the stage, telling us to turn down. We’re not unreasonable so we complied, but he persisted. It escalated to the point where the older guy, [the guitar player] The Legendary David Rhodes Brown was not able to hear anything on stage. I leaned over and told him to just play. Still [the sound guy] is getting beet-red, snarling at us and eventually I lean over to him and say, ‘Look man, they booked the Struts, and this is what we sound like.’ Not too much longer they cut us.”

As can be seen in the video below, The Kentucky Struts made the broadcast of the event. Luckily though, they didn’t end up in too much trouble.

“All eventually ended up well and they let us back on after the match was over,” says Lipscomb. “One of the top chairman even came over and shook my hand.”

The Kentucky Struts released an inspiring album project in 2011 called Year of the Horse that featured 12 new recordings released each month accompanied by a visual artist interpretation of each song. Proceeds from the album went to a horse rescue foundation called “Speak Up For Horses.”

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