Courtney Marie Andrews Readies New Album “Old Flowers”

photo: David Munoz

NOTE: This release has been moved from June 5th to July 24th.

Courtney Marie Andrews is quickly becoming one of the most cherished songbirds of our generation. With a beautiful warbling voice, and and a wonderful talent for composing songs for it, she won the UK Americana International Artist of the Year in 2018, and has become one of the most sought after performers in the folk/Americana realm.

Courtney Marie will be returning with her latest record called Old Flowers via Fat Possum Records, and though Andrews has been by playing more electric guitar and exploring the soul side of her influences on recent tours, this record promises to go in a significantly different direction.

Old Flowers will only feature three players total, including Courtney. Joining her is Twain’s Matthew Davidson on bass, guitar, and keys, and Big Thief’s James Krivchenia on drums and percussion. That’s all. The new album was produced by Andrew Sarlo who’s worked with Big Thief and others in the past.

“Before we got to the studio, we agreed to prioritize making this record as cathartic and minimal as possible—focusing on Courtney’s voice and her intention behind the songs,” says Andrew Sarlo. “Because of this, the record is all about performance. I believe a great recording is the chemistry between everything during basics and the ability to feel something happening instead of obsessing over the perfect take. Courtney embraced this approach and we ended up with a raw, natural, and human record.”

You can certainly hear this approach in the new Courtney Marie Andrews song , “If I Told” (listen below). Very stripped down but still full-bodied in emotion, everything revolves around the voice and story of Courtney. Listening to a whole record with this approach could make for a very unique experience.

Leaving home at 16-years-old to become a busking musician up and down the West Coast, Courtney Marie Andrews eventually made a name for herself by impressing artists like Jimmy Eat World and Ryan Adams, and singing backup on some impressive stages as she toured the country.

Old Flowers is now available for pre-order.


1 – Burlap String
2 – Guilty
3 – If I Told
4 – Together Or Alone
5 – Carnival Dream
6 – Old Flowers
7 – Break The Spell
8 – It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault
9 – How You Get Hurt
10 – Ships In The Night

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