Courtney Patton Announces New Album “Electrostatic”

Based in Texas, but affecting audiences well beyond, the songwriting of Courtney Patton is cherished among many distinguishing and attentive listeners for the poetry and insight it contains, and Courtney Patton’s often stunning delivery. She’s also revealed herself to be a badass boss lady with a boisterous disposition taking the stage as a hostess at events for Mile 0 Fest down in Key West, FL over the last two years. Now she’s prepping a new album and her first in four years called Electrostatic, slated for release on October 7th.

Like many of the albums being released in 2022, COVID-19 had an affect on the effort, but not necessarily due to a troubled mind or the uncertainty it caused. In Courtney Patton’s case, when everything shut down, she and her husband—fellow songwriter Jason Eady—started something that soon became like its own phenomenon in Texas music. Called Sequestered Songwriters, the weekly ritual started drawing supporters and participants from all across the country and world, with streaming events toasting music greats in country music and beyond beaming into people’s homes, showcasing worthy music, and both up-and-coming and established songwriters.

This effort allowed Courtney Patton to take a retrospective look at the music that had helped influence her career, while also discovering the richness of certain artists perhaps she hadn’t spent as much time with. “I didn’t initially start the project with this intent, but as we were making it, I could hear all of my musical heroes and influences organically coming out in each song. And that brought me so much joy,” Patton says of the new album, while also saying the songs are still very personal to her.

This includes the title track to the album, which is dedicated to her sister who passed away in a car accident almost 20 years ago. “It’s a song about finding the beauty still around us in the memories of those that we’ve loved and lost. If energy can’t be created or destroyed, then we can see and feel them all around us every day. Beauty from ashes. There’s something comforting about that in itself,” Patton says.

Compared to Patton’s previous projects, Electrostatic is a much more full-bodied experience as opposed to stripped-down singer-songwriter compositions, at times exploring more jazzy and soulful arrangements brought to her Texas country roots. It was co-produced by Patton herself with Jason Eady, along with Gordy Quist of Band of Heathens, who also worked on Eady’s last album To The Passage of Time.

Players on the album include Geoff Queen on guitar and pedal steel, Trevor Nealon on piano and keyboards, Heather Stalling (of Max and Heather Stalling) on fiddle, Richard Millsap on drums, Naj Conklin on bass, and Jamie Lin Wilson and Kelley Mickwee on backing vocals.

Courtney Patton officially announced the new album a couple of days ago, and has launched a pre-order. Expect to hear a couple of early singles from the album to be released to streaming services in a couple of weeks.


1. Hold Fast
2. Never On the Hurting End
3. Electrostatic
4. Night Like the Old Days
5. So Flies The Crow
6. Dog Gettin’ Blues
7. Do You Feel Love
8. Casualty
9. Vengo Por Mi Amor
10. This Heart

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