Curb Records Phone Number is (615) 321-5080.

I’m really disappointed in you people.

I’m in dispose for a few days, and all of a sudden Curb’s phone number of (615) 321-5080 is circulating all around the internet, and even worse, people are CALLING Curb Records at (615) 3210-5080, voicing their displeasure that Hank III’s new album Damn Right, Rebel Proud is still not being given a release date!

See here at, were trying to keep this thing on the up and up, so we do NOT want you to call Curb Records at (615) 321-5080 and ask them when Hank III’s new album Damn Right, Rebel Proud is coming out. We do NOT want you to ask them why it is taking so long because you got money burning a hole in your pocket. Do NOT ask them why if they are not willing to represent Hank III fairly and release his music in a timely manner why they won’t release him from his contract. Do NOT do this people. Do NOT ask them if since they think Hank III is too hot to handle, why they don’t just release him from his contract so there won’t be any more headaches for either party.

Oh, and one last thing to not do: Do NOT call them frequently, as many times as you can, at (615) 321-5080, and especially don’t call them
during business hours.

But let’s say you do call Curb Records at (615) 321-5080, which we don’t recommend, because it might be construed as harassment on’s part, we ask of you a few things:

1. Be nice. Keep the cuss words down. Because quite simply, if thousands of people call and act civil this will go a lot farther than a dozen people jamming the circuit dropping ‘f’ bombs, so they stop answering the phones at all. Think about it, if they get 1,000+ phone calls a day from fans saying ‘Where’s the album?’ that question will start making its way farther and farther up the Curb food chain. If you call and tell some worker bee operator to fuck off, all you’ve done is vented some anger, and though it might feel good, it will not go very far to helping free Hank III, and it will just perpetuate the stereotype that all of his fans are foul mouthed drunks, which might be true, but really that’s none of Curb’s fucking business.

2. Get the operator on the phone and ask to speak to someone about the album. The operators are clueless. You want to reach someone who actually matters, and if you are nice, you will get a live representative on the phone. These are the people you want to reach.

3. Don’t try to get to Mike Curb’s voicemail because that’s already been tried. Even if you could get there, I’m sure it’s screened by the flying monkey’s that chased me out of the last compound, and he’d never hear them anyway.

Now since it is my duty to make sure that you, the disgruntled Hank III fan, is informed, I decided to go ahead and call Curb Records at (615) 321-5080. Once again, I ask that you do NOT call them, but I just wanted to see for myself what would happen. I first talked to an operator and she got a young man named Andrew on the line for me. Andrew was very delightful, and very helpful. He told me that the current CD release schedules were out until September, and Hank III’s album was not on that schedule. He also told me that in a meeting last week, they were told it MIGHT come out around Thanksgiving.


So to sum up, please do not call Curb Records at (615) 321-5080, and ask them about Hank III’s new album Damn Right, Rebel Proud .

Thank you for your cooperation.

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