Curb Releases Tim McGraw Single ‘Right Back Atcha Babe’

On Monday Curb Records released a brand new single from Tim McGraw’s long-disputed album Emotional Traffic called “Right Back Atcha Babe”. This is the second single Curb has released from the album. The first, “Better Than I Used To Be” was released mere hours after Tim McGraw won a crucial court battle against Curb that allowed him to pursue recording music with a new label or independently if he so chooses. The single is available on iTunes.

The timing of the single release is somewhat puzzling. The “Better Than I Used To Be” single was released only 3 weeks ago. Curb has been recognized for being on the cutting edge of waiting much longer in between releases of albums and singles as the song cycle elongates in the contracting music environment. So the “Right Back Atcha Babe” release seems counter-intuitive to Curb’s modus operandi. Meanwhile many Tim McGraw fans are refusing to partake in Emotional Traffic and it’s singles, not wanting their money to go to the label that kept McGraw under thumb for many years. One reviewer on iTunes wrote:

Please don’t buy this. Curb Records has been screwing over Timmy and his fans for years…download this illegally, and support Tim McGraw some other way, like buying a ticket to one of his shows.

McGraw’s Emotional Traffic was finally given a release date from Curb of January 17th, 2012, but in a statement to his fans, McGraw alluded to moving on from the Emotional Traffic content, and that “After the first of the year I’ll have a brand new single which I can hardly wait to share with everyone.