Dalton Domino Readies New Album “Songs From The Exile”

Texas singer and songwriter Dalton Domino has emerged from a tumultuous time with a new set of tunes under the title Songs From The Exile set to hit the streets on August 23rd. Where some performers leave their personal issues to public speculation, Domino has always been up front about his struggles with addiction, speaking candidly to Saving Country Music about his struggles ahead of his last album Corners in 2017, in his songs themselves like the stunning title track from that 2017 release, and in a personal message he released this winter letting his fans know why he had decided to cancel a performance at Florida’s Mile 0 Fest.

Right after wrapping the recording of Songs From The Exile, Domino headed into treatment. “It’s ok not to always be strong,” Domino says. “With ‘Songs From The Exile,’ I’m not saying, ‘Hope is lost.’ It’s more like, ‘Hey, we all go through this.’ And since this is country music, we wanted the music to really reflect the words. We did away with the smoke and mirrors and got back to focusing on the songs.”

Dalton Domino trekked from his home base in Lubbock, TX to Dauphin Street Sound in Mobile, AL to record Songs From The Exile, and took a few notable names with him such as drummer Brad Rice formerly of Jason Boland and the Stragglers, and guitarist Doug Pettibone known for his work with Lucinda Williams. Country from the songwriting, but with a strong roots rock influence in the music, Dalton Domino embodies the type of sound and substance that makes Texas music special.

“I learned that the mistakes and ghosts of the past are okay to befriend,” says Domino of the songwriting process for the record. “They are what make you who you are today. This record is a collection of songs that are about specific moments in my life where I felt wronged—where I did things that were wrong—and I wrote it alone, in exile, during a year I spent learning how to look the things that kept me prisoner in the eye and let them go. I learned gratitude. I learned how to forgive.”

Ahead of the new album, Dalton Domino has made available the song “All I Need” (listen below) that includes an appearance by Canadian singer and songwriter Kalsey Kulyk, whose name you might recognize from her song “More Time” that is currently on the Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist. Songs From The Exile is being released via Lightning Rod Records, and is now available for pre-order.


  1. “Happy Alone”
  2. “The Nerve”
  3. “Dead Roses”
  4. “Better Now”
  5. “Love Is Dangerous”
  6. “Hush Puppy”
  7. “All I Need (feat. Kalsey Kulyk)”
  8. “Shadowlands”
  9. “Half Blood”
  10. ” I Still See You”
  11. “Daddy’s Mud”
  12. “Cheap Spanish Wine”
  13. “Welcome Home”

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