Def Leppard Nominated / Performing at CMT Awards

CMT Awards 2009When it was first announced that the 80’s British Invasion’s excuse for a hair band Def Leppard would be performing at the CMT Awards in June, my first question was, “You mean there is yet ANOTHER stinking awards show for mainstream country?” These awards show have me purging more than Taylor Swift the night before as she tries to fit in her $10,000 dress!

No, unlike every other Disney-created starlet nowadays, Def Leppard hasn’t “gone country.” This stems from collaborations Def Leppard did this year with Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. But in my opinion, the fact that Def Leppard is not even claiming to be country makes the situation even worse. Does this look like it belongs at a COUNTRY music awards show?

Def Leppard

Or how about this:

Yeah I know, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers either, but you’re crackers if you think anything about this has anything to do with country music.

I have it from reliable sources that the money used on hair designers for that video was greater than the Gross Domestic Product of Nicaragua in 2008.

Oh but it gets worse.

Apparently Def Leppard has now been nominated for three of these “CMT Awards,” giving them three whole chances to celebrate by snorting cocaine off of Taylor Swift’s naked belly.

Not to be an old fool from the old school, but how old is Taylor Swift, and where is her daddy as Trashville parades her around like a trollip?

Oh that’s right, he’s too busy counting his big friggin’ pile of money to pay attention.


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