Flight Diverted After Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here” Causes Problem

blake-sheltonWe already knew Blake Shelton’s awful country rap song “Boys ‘Round Here” was one of the worst “country” songs ever, causing undue strain and consternation amongst true country fans and fans of all decent music. But now there’s a story of just how disturbing the song was for one holiday season commute at 30,000 feet.

On a Christmas Day Delta flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles, a passenger from Wichita, Kansas was listening to “Boys ‘Round Here” on his headphones, and singing along so loudly that it was disturbing other passengers. The people around the man began shooting him looks, but he continued to sing along loudly until flight attendants were alerted to the situation and asked the man to stop.

That’s when the incident began to turn potentially dangerous. The boisterous “Boys ‘Round Here” fan began to confront the other passengers who had complained to the flight staff, saying, “What am I doing wrong?” and saying to one passenger, “Can you tell me what I’m doing to you sir? All you have to do sir is talk to me about it.” Then the Blake Shelton fan apparently began to take an inordinate amount of trips to the plane’s lavatory, and then escalated the situation by making reference to the controversial deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police recently, saying to a woman who kept turning around and telling him to be quiet, “If I held my hands up and said I couldn’t breathe, would you feel comfortable?”

The race of the Blake Shelton fan, and the complaining passengers was not identified.

The situation turned so tense, that the crew of the Delta plane decided to divert the flight to Albuquerque, where the plane was met by multiple police cars, and the man was escorted off the plane. “It’s not exactly what you want to hear in the middle of your flight, to know that there’s a security issue on board and being met as the gate with multiple police cars,” said one passenger to KCWH 12. “It’s kind of alarming.”

The “Boys ‘Round Here” fan was detained, but eventually was let go and no charges were filed, and he took another flight on another carrier to his eventual destination of Los Angeles. Because there were no charges, the identity of the man was not released, though it’s guaranteed he had questionable taste in music.

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