Dolly Parton’s “Christmas of Many Colors” Movie Wins Ratings Battle

christmas-of-many-colorsDolly Parton’s made for TV movies continue to be ratings hogs. Her latest installment, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love won Wednesday night’s (11-30) ratings for NBC, beating out the vaunted FOX music series Empire by nearly 3 1/2 million viewers, and winning the night overall. Christmas of Many Colors pulled in 11.5 million viewers total, just shy of the number the premier movie of Dolly Parton’s NBC deal Coat of Many Colors did in 2015. Coat of Many Colors became the most-viewed made for TV movie in three years when it first aired.

Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love resulted in FOX’s Empire getting the lowest overnight ratings of the season, though the show still beat out the Dolly movie just slightly in the key advertiser demographic of 18 to 49-year-olds. The numbers may improve for Dolly by as much as 50% as DVR numbers come in over the coming days.

The movie took on special significance after the devastating wildfires in Sevier County, Tennessee burned much of the area where Dolly Parton grew up, and where Christmas of Many Colors was based. Parton’s Dollywood was mostly spared, but portions of nearby Gatlinburg were devastated in the fires. Parton has since announced her foundation will be giving $1,000 a month to affected families to help them get back on their feet.

Christmas of Many Colors is now available for HD Digital streaming, and will be released on DVD December 20th. The continued success of Dolly Parton’s movies proves there is still a place for family-oriented entertainment on television, and that Dolly Parton continues to be a universally-revered personality.