Dumbass Thief Caught Trying to Return Kacey Musgraves’ Stolen Boots — Pants Still Missing


All’s well that ends well for country music starlet Kacey Musgraves. The songwriter and Texas native was the victim of a boot snatching on Monday, January 4th in Nashville after a thief smashed out the window of her car parked across the street from the 3rd and Lindsley music venue, and made off with a brand new pair of Lucchese boots, and another pair of Charlotte Olympias, together valued at about $900.00. Along with the broken window, Kacey was out about $1,400 total from the incident. “Someone had expensive tastes and cheap standards,” Musgraves tweeted out Monday after the incident.

Well luckily the stolen loot was recovered when 30-year-old Darnell Cunningham walked into the Lucchese Boots on 12th Avenue South in Nashville and tried to return the stolen merchandise, complete with the receipt with Kacey’s name on it. The store manager also recognized the boots as being the ones belonging to Musgraves. When the manager began to question Cunningham, he grabbed the boots and attempted to flee the scene. Now he’s been booked into the Metro Jail with a bond of $25,000, and has been charged with theft of property. “Stupidity leads to victory,” Musgraves tweeted out Thursday (1-7) morning.

The next question is if we’ll still get the song Musgraves promised after the theft first occurred. “Next up: a song about stolen boots. Not sure if there’s anything more country,” Musgraves said at the time.

Now that the boots portion of the caper has been solved, perhaps investigators will move on to the question of where Kacey Musgraves’ pants have gone? She first showed up pantless at the CMA awards in November, and in recent stage performances, including at the Grand Ole Opry, Kacey has come out on stage in just skivvies from the waist down.

Let’s hope this is a thief they never catch (hubba hubba).