Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter’s Favorite Song is by Dale Watson

Well this is just pretty darn cool.

We’ve known for years about the affinity Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has for traditional country and true blue independent country artists. Shouting out performers such as Sturgill Simpson, Colter Wall, Cody Jinks, and Tyler Childers to his massive social media audience certainly contributed to the rapid ascent of these artists, while Johnson’s also championed folks like Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson, and even Gethen Jenkins and Mickey Lamantia in interviews.

But just about nothing illustrates how big of a role true country music—or in this case, “Ameripolitan”—actually plays in the life of The Rock and his family than what he shared recently. In a video posted on social media, Dwayne Johnson reveals that his daughter Tia’s favorite song is none other than Dale Watson’s “Daughter’s Wedding Song” from Dale’s 2013 album Rancho Azul.

Though it may seem like a strange song for a little girl to like, there’s no doubt young Tia has found favor with it by watching the video, and seeing her singing along. According to Johnson, she first heard the song on his phone, and fell in love with it.

“I’m often asked to recommend a song for the father/daughter dance,” Dale said back in 2012 about the song. “I usually say Merle Haggard’s ‘Farmers Daughter.’ The only problem is that, in the song, the mother is gone. So one day I told this couple I would write one special for the dance. While writing, I drew on my two daughters for inspiration and started crying halfway through it. I figured if it hit my heart strings, maybe it’ll hit the heart strings of fathers and daughters everywhere.”

Well in this case, it most certainly did, even if young Tia is years away from getting married and participating in any father/daughter dance.

Dwayne Johnson says, “She’s only 3 now, but I know one day down the road, hanging out & singing with daddy won’t be cool anymore so I’ll embrace these moments while I can get ‘em ~ where she sings in the cutest high notes and I continue to sing in keys that don’t exist.”

Clearly The Rock is raising ’em up right.

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