Earl Dibbles Jr. Strikes a Chord w/ ‘The Country Boy Song’

Granger Smith channels all true country fans’ worst enemy in the character Earl Dibbles Jr. for the new video and song “The Country Boy Song”, exposing the moronic, stereotypical, rehashed, and creatively-vacant world of corporate country’s checklist culture.

The greatest part about this song and video is how accessible it is. “Country Boy” will take much greater strides in saving country music than all of the hate-filled anti-Nashville anthems combined because it is something that may actually end up in front of the people that matter: mainstream country music’s mind-numbed and misled masses. Sure, “Country Boy” is a good salve for us old souls who look toward the mainstream with such ill contempt, but it will also allow 14 to 28-year-old boys to look themselves in the mirror and question if their own cultural identity has become nothing more than a parody. This is the type of outreach, and accessibility through comedy that country music needs.

The words and music of “The Country Boy Song” are a perfect facsimile of pop country. You don’t have to squint to see this song becoming a #1 hit on mainstream country radio if it was presented to it with a few slight changes. It’s only the subtly-embedded tongue-and-cheek elements that present it as parody. And taking the time and capitol to make a professional video is exactly what “The Country Boy Song” needed to fulfill its destiny as a perfect illustration of the inanity of modern-day mainstream country music.

This is what country music needs. To fight fire with fire.

Two guns up!

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