Eric Church’s Letter to his Fans & the Surprise Album “Mr. Misunderstood”


What already promised to be an eventful day in the realm of country music with the airing of the 49th Annual CMA Awards and all the parallel pomp and circumstance that entails, turned even more eventful when one of the Entertainer of the Year nominees dropped a surprise album in the mail to his thousands of fan club members Wednesday (11-5).

Called Mr. Misunderstood, the album was a true surprise, including to many at Eric Church’s label. Tens of thousands of the LP’s were shipped for free, which likely made label managers flip out because of the loss of scans, and leaked versions of the album almost immediately began showing up on YouTube while media outlets scrambled to tell the story.

Eric Church performed the title track on the CMA’s, and at about the time the CMA’s were kicking off, the album was made available to the masses.

Say what you will about Eric Church, (and certainly I’ve said my fair share), this was a pretty cool move by Church to show loyalty to the fans who have been loyal to him. He also has released a letter to his fans.

Saving Country Music will have a review for the album soon.

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Track Listing:

1. “Mr. Misunderstood”
2. “Mistress Named Music”
3. “Chattanooga Lucy”
4. “Mixed Drinks About Feelings”
5. “Knives of New Orleans”
6. “Round Here Buzz”
7. “Kill a Word”
8. “Holdin’ My Own”
9. “Record Year”
10. “Three Year Old”

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