Exclusive: Bob Wayne’s “Get There When I Get There”

The Outlaw Carnie Bob Wayne‘s new album Till The Wheels Fall Off will be released May 22nd, and Saving Country Music is excited to offer you this exclusive preview of one of the album’s featured tracks, “Get There When I Get There.”

On the outside Bob Wayne presents the hellraising, hard charging part of his personality, but his fans over the years have come to discover that beyond the devil horns and songs about hard living is a very deep, very poetic songwriter as well. “Get There When I Get There” shows off this side of Bob Wayne, without completely hiding the Mr. Hyde side either.

“…with the release of Outlaw Carnie we made kind of a “best of” album.Bob told Saving Country Music. “I can tell you this, this album is EXACTLY where I’m at right now in life!”

Another track from Till The Wheels Fall Off, a duet with Hank Williams III called “All My Friends” has also been released. Look for a video from the album coming up soon!

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