“Expect The Unexpected” From Upcoming Cody Jinks Release

photo: Brad Coolidge

Information is still scant to come by, and it is still very early in the process, but the word has come down to Saving Country Music headquarters for fans of surging independent country star Cody Jinks to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to how Texas native’s new album will be released. What exactly that means we’ll have to wait and see, but we already know there will be some changes compared to his previous records.

First, at the moment Cody Jinks is planning to release the new album with no record label at all. After releasing his first few records on his own, and receiving widespread critical acclaim and posting surprising numbers for his 2015 record Adobe Sessions, Jinks signed a deal with Thirty Tigers to release 2016’s I’m Not The Devil. The record became Cody’s breakout smash, selling over 70,000 copies at last count and racking up huge streaming numbers. This led to Cody Jinks signing with Rounder Records to release 2018’s Lifers. Now Jinks has reportedly decided to bring it all back in house for the new album.

And don’t worry, “expect the unexpected” may not apply to the music necessarily. There are assurances it will definitely be a country record, but Cody Jinks and his team may take a unique approach in how the music gets to people. We’ll just have to see.

In late April, Cody Jinks shared numerous photos from the studio as he worked his way through recording new music, including a new song with the working title, “Tell ‘Em What It’s Like.” Once again Cody Jinks has chosen the Sonic Ranch complex out in West Texas near El Paso to record the new album. It is the same place Cody recorded Adobe Sessions, and the title is an homage to the secluded recording spot. Cody’s I’m Not The Devil and Lifers were recorded there as well. Frequent tour mate Whitey Morgan also regularly records out there, and named one of his previous records Sonic Ranch.

No information on a possible new title for the new Cody Jinks album or any more detailed information, but it is tentatively scheduled to be released October 4th. More information when it becomes available.