Fest Consult

For over 16 years, Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos of Saving Country Music has worked with festivals and events big and small to help curate talent rosters and other features to make events that stand out, appeal to large audiences, draw nationally, and that offer memorable experiences to patrons.

Looking beyond the Pollstar and Boxscore numbers, Trigger can help create a lineup with chemistry, where the talent gels together and fosters collaboration, and will make your festival stand out in an increasingly crowded calendar of events.

Trigger attends and covers dozens of festivals across the United States each year, as well as reviews over 120 albums every year, giving him incredible depth of insight into the talent pool of who is rising and falling in appeal. He can help put together a lineup that equals something greater than the sum of its parts, and maximizes value by focusing on artist who are breaking now or about to break, before they become big expensive headliners.

Consultations can be handled on a one-time basis, as a three-month retainer as you work to curate your event’s lineup, or as a yearly retainer to always be there to offer advice.

For more information, reach out to Trigger via Saving Country Music’s Contact Page.

Discounts and pro bono opportunities are also available to non-profit and startup events.