First Ever “Country Boy Band” Being Cast

I can’t make this up folks, there is actually an effort out there to put together what is being called a “country music boy band.” So if you have the ambition to be a musical monkey, then shave your balls, shove a sock down the front of your pants, spike your hair and bleach the tips and get your ass to to sign up!

Our favorite radio station operator Clear Channel Radio, has partnered with a company called Rodeo Entertainment, run by entertainment moguls David Schulhof and Jeff Rabhan to form a “new country music supergroup that will go on a nation-wide tour, work with the best songwriters and producers in the industry, and release an album on a major label!”

Great, I can’t wait.

Open casting calls are being conducted in Austin, Tampa, Nashville, & LA from mid-November into December, looking for the “best undiscovered talent and giving them the chance of a lifetime,” according to casting director Shaggy Bairami. Hmm, Saving Country Music has a correspondent based in Austin. Maybe we’ll send him down to whatever Chuck E Cheese this casting call is being held at to poke around. And I love the statement from Clear Channel senior VP Clay Hunnicutt.

Clear Channel loves to ignite creativity among talented artists living in local communities across the U.S. This is a great way to inspire our local listeners to show off their talent.

Wait a second, excuse me? Didn’t just yesterday I post an article about how Clear Channel was screwing local communities by firing hundreds of local DJ’s and replacing them with national automated programming? And didn’t anybody think to tell any of these knuckleheads that the term “boy band” is derogatory? Boy bands don’t like to be called boy bands, even during their heyday in the 90’s and early oughts. And of course 10 years ago, the idea of a country boy band would’ve gone over like a poop in a punch bowl. The fact this idea has made it this far gives us a very clear barometer reading of where country music is today.

But I’ll be honest with you, I can’t wait for this. It’s going to be so much fun wizzing all over this project, poking fun at Donnie and Johnnie and Ronnie and Bobbie as they work on their choreographed dance moves and premier their haircuts. It’s gonna be like Rascal Flatts sans the middle-aged chub!

Let the games begin!

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