Florida Couple Leaves Kids in Car While Attending Luke Bryan Concert

Photo: Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office


There’s been much concern about the behavior of country music fans at mainstream country concerts lately, especially in parking lot rituals leading up to the concerts themselves, but this is is a parking lot incident that goes way beyond piles of trash and disorderly patrons.

Courtney Blankley and Kiel Sheppard are facing child neglect charges after leaving their two children, ages 9 and 11, in their car as they attended a Luke Bryan concert at Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL on Saturday, September 19th. The couple reportedly drove over 100 miles from New Port Richie, FL to attend the concert, and did not arrange child care for the two children.

As other fans passed by the car on their way to the concert, they noticed the kids in the car and called police. Authorities were able to locate the parents by using one of the children’s cellphones, and calling the father. The children had been left alone for roughly 45 minutes while their parents attended the concert, according to authorities.

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The parents had left the car running for the children, but this does not change the severity of the incident. Experts say leaving a car running for an extended period with children inside can also pose a major safety risk. Courtney Blankley and Kiel Sheppard later admitted leaving the children unattended was “probably not the best idea.”

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