Florida Georgia Line Aren’t Breaking Up. They’re Making a Musical

You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

It was just a bit under two weeks ago when breakup rumors surrounding the Bro-Country duo Florida Georgia Line were all the rage of the country music internet. Brian Kelley (the one that doesn’t do anything), had posted some dumb conspiracy theory stuff on Instagram about people celebrating Joe Biden’s win for the American Presidency, and how now that Biden had won, they would open back up the economy (Update: they haven’t).

This ruffled the feathers of Tyler Hubbard (the funny-looking one), and Hubbard and his wifey deleted Brian Kelley and his wifey off of Instagram, and the sewing circle hen fest of country music gossip ensued. The duo’s scheduled appearance at the 2020 CMA Awards on November 11th was abruptly cancelled due to Tyler Hubbard testing positive for COVID-19 (or was it all a cover for the breakup ?!?), and soon everyone wondered if the most vilified duo in country music would make it to 2021.

Well unfortunately—or fortunately, if you consider a split might mean two knuckleheads to contend with instead of one duo—a breakup didn’t materialize. The first sign we got that a split wouldn’t be in the cards is when Billboard randomly published a story on November 16th that the duo had signed a “Multi-year touring deal with Live Nation.” Oh, so it’s just a complete coincidence that while breakup rumors were swirling, a story about Florida Georgia Line touring for years to come emerges while the rest of the world is wrestling with a pandemic and touring is the last thing on anyone’s mind. A little too perfect if you ask me.

But apparently that didn’t quell the rumors enough, so the duo did an interview with Storme Warren of SiriusXM a few days later, saying the whole thing was being overblown, with Tyler Hubbard explaining,

“I even called [Brian Kelley] and told him, I said, ‘Hey, buddy, I love you. And I love you a lot more in real life than on your [Instagram] Stories right now. So that’s why I’m unfollowing you. Nothing personal. I still love you. You’re still my brother.’ I just didn’t want to see it every time I opened Instagram. And so it wasn’t a big deal. We might have different views or different sets of opinions … but, ultimately, we’re a lot alike, and we think a lot alike, and we both believe in God, and we both put our faith in Him, and we know that He’s in control over Donald Trump or Joe Biden.”

So what is the duo doing to help mend fences and reinforce their friendship moving forward? Apparently, they’re making a musical. Yes, a musical. In a partnership with Monarch Media—which is behind Netflix’s faith-based musical A Week Away—Florida Georgia Line will “create both original music and reimagine country classics” for a production that is said to be a “classic movie musical with contemporary sensibilities.” The duo is also executive producing the musical.

Don’t expect to see Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley in leotards frolicking across the stage though (well, I guess you never know). This appears to be more of a production for the small screen, to be released on Netflix or something similar. Still, the thought of Florida Georgia Line “reimaging country classics” is enough to make one want to flee for the exits. Though to those two, “classic” country might mean Lonestar and Kenny Chesney.

And so the saga of the great Florida Georgia Line breakup scare of 2020 concludes. And we have the unintended comedy of an upcoming “musical” from the duo to look forward to in the future. Or who knows, maybe it will be good. These two blind squirrels have stumbled upon a couple of nuts in their day. But don’t count on it.

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