Florida Georgia Line’s Hall of Fame Exhibit Items Revealed

photo: John Shearer

Congratulations are in order for the Bro-Country duo Florida Georgia Line as it was announced this week they will be receiving their own dedicated Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit come next year. Opening on January 21st, Florida Georgia Line: Mix It Up Strong will commemorate the duo’s incredible commercial success, along with featuring numerous pieces of memorabilia from the duo’s history.

Though fans will have to wait until January to see the exhibit themselves, Saving Country Music has been granted an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of many of the pieces of memorabilia that will be on display celebrating the duo’s decade in service to Bro-Country.

Antares AVP-1 Auto-Tuner

Yes, the authentic Antares Auto-Tune AVP-1 rack-mount live vocal effects processor that the duo has used out on the road for years to process their horrifically out-of-tune braying into a somewhat believable and tolerable vocal signal for millions of fans.

Brian Kelly’s Dummy Microphone

As many devout Florida Georgia Line fans know, Brian Kelley (the Bevis-looking one) never really sings at all, and is mostly there as a prop to qualify the duo for country music’s “Vocal Duo of the Year” awards and other slotting opportunities not afforded to solo artists. So for many of the early years of touring, the stage crew gave Kelley this non-functioning dummy mic. They told him it was real of course so he wouldn’t get upset.

Tyler Hubbard’s Penis Pump

Tyler Hubbard (The Butt-Head looking one) apparently was self-conscious about his endowment, because he never left on tour without his penis pump he nicknamed “pumpy,” not to be mistaken with his favorite bong he called “puffy,” which Brian Kelley once did. Imagine Tyler’s shock when he walked onto the bus one day with Brian taking monster rips from Tyler Hubbard’s dick enlarger.

Brian Kelley’s $700 Fashion Ripped Jeans

Nothing screams “authenticity” quite like taking an average pair of denim jeans, paying sweat shop labor in Bangladesh to manufacture artificial rips in them like they’ve actually seen work, and then selling them to your fans for what they make in a week. This was the scheme behind Brian Kelly’s “Tribe Kelley” denim line. So now right beside the priceless guitar of Hank Williams, the original mandolin of Bill Monroe, the customized Pontiac of Webb Pierce designed by the world-famous Nudie Cohen on display in the vaunted halls of the Country Music Hall of Fame, you can also see a pair of Brian Kelley’s fake real jeans.

Oh, and don’t mess with his tepee.

The Legendary Axe Body Spray Arsenal

Florida Georgia Line has been on record saying they believe people should listen to music with their eyes, so why not their noses too? Even when they were laying stinkers on the stage, at least they smelled terrific, thanks to the duo’s legendary arsenal of “the douche for men,” Axe body spray, which was hauled around with them from town to town in a dedicated trailer.

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