Foo Fighters Guitarist to “Go Country”

The Dead Peasants Chris ShiflettFoo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has decided to take his passion for Wilco and country/hipster fusion duds to the next level and be this week’s personality to “Go Country.” His new “country” band called The Dead Peasants will release a self-titled album on July 12th. Just like all others before him, Shiflett makes the announcement pleading his case as a long time country fan. From Spinner:

“One of my favorite kinds of music is old country and old rockabilly and modern Americana like Son Volt, Wilco and Ryan Adams, I love all that stuff.”

That list of bands smells very similar to the bands listed as influences in the Peter Buck/Gary Lightbody aka Snow Patrol/REM country project, meaning bands that might have some country influences, but really don’t call their music country themselves.

If you’re into wasting time, you can listen to the single for the album “Get Along” HERE, and hear for yourself how “country” this project really is.

Honestly, I have no problem with Chris Shiflett or The Foo Fighters or Wilco or any of it, but I’m spying a trend. Just as it became hip for Hollywood types and fading pop stars to “Go Country,” now it is becoming hip in the indie rock scene, and the term “country” gets diluted further. Like Cathy of the Reinstate Hank Bandwagon once famously said:

When will Nashville “Go Country?”

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