Free Hank III News Roundup Vol. 1

Tim Pop Live Podcast Mentions the Free Hank III Movement !


All of you should go to and listen to his last two podcasts: 87 & 88. BOTH mention the Free Hank III Movement, including our assault on Curb’s MySpace site. His next podcast is also going to be an ALL COUNTRY PODCAST, and I’ll let you know when that drops.

New Documentary About Nashville Featuring Commentary From Hank III.

I don’t know much about this project, but if you hang in on the trailer ’till about the 2:30 mark you’ll see Hank III putting his two cents in. I’ve read one review for it that said it was bad, and it looks to paint Nashville in a rosy light, which in my opinion, can only be done with bullshit.

No New News on the Hank III Tour Front

The last news on a pending Hank III tour was that some of the June tour dates previously published might, and I emphasize MIGHT be going down if the band was ready in time, but the longer this thing stretches into May, the later in June I anticipate any tour starting, if it starts in June at all. To be honest, I thought we would have seen some dates by now, but as soon as they come down I will let you know, and again you can also check the MySpace Hank 3 band site and for tour dates.

Curb Records OTHER MySpace Sites

At this point, all attempts to crack Curb’s other MySpace sites have failed, but I’m going to keep trying, and I’ll let you know if I or anyone else is successful. Something tells me you’re going to have to be more crafty to slip something by them. As for the Opry MySpace site, I saw that Wayne got a smoothly-worded comment in there about Hank 3’s Opry article. Again, we don’t want to do what we are doing to Curb to the Opry . . . YET!

New Rebel Son Album!

Rebel Son has a new, all acoustic album that dropped yesterday. I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but what I’ve heard on their MySpace Site sounds good.

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