Free Hank III News Roundup Vol. 2

Since I was traveling and moving a lot of this week I kind of fell behind the news cycle, so here’s some stuff to get you caught up.

New Tim Pop Country Podcast

TIM POP LIVE has a new all country podcast out you should check out. Music from Hank III, Bob Wayne, and old school stuff from Waylon, the GREAT Wanda Jackson, and Bob Wills. Great intro too. If you haven’t checked him out yet, Tim Pop has been a big supporter of Free Hank III and even in his non-country shows he’s got great old school punk and rock he plays. Stuff you already like, and stuff you’ve never heard that you will. You can add him on MySpace HERE .

Hank III at Curb Records

If you missed this from my last blog, The Texas DJ of the Year JB Cloud called Curb Records and left this comment on the blog:

“Just talked to my buddy up there – Guess what? Hank III is in the building having a meeting right now. Oh, and when I called my buddy – he was in a meeting with the GM. I told him that I’d call him back but also asked him to send me a copy of the CD AND get it in the stores soon.”

So as all of you were calling, which I still discourage and hope that you DO NOT continue to do, at (615) 321-5080, HANK III WAS AT CURB! I’m hoping something got hashed out at that meeting, but so far I haven’t heard anything.

JB Cloud is just one of the many DJ’s, like Big ‘G’ and Miss Holley who play Hank III’s music and support what we are doing. The DJ’s are just as miffed as the fans, because they want the new Hank III to play.

And if you’ve ever wondered if Curb Records knows about us, I have previously received confirmation that Curb people HAVE been to and have read these blogs. Also when Walt the Terror called Curb the other day, the operator asked him if there was some kind of movement going on because they had been receiving so many calls. So yes, Curb knows were out here, and that we will not go away quietly.

T-Shirts? Bumper Stickers? Etc. ?

I had some people ask my why we don’t put some Free Hank III T shirts and other merch together, or maybe try to get some billboards put up. Don’t worry, that’s been on my mind since day 1 of this thing. I already have T shirt and sticker designs done, have talked to manufacturers and stuff. I’m just waiting to pull the trigger. Thing is, this stuff costs $$$, and though I’ve seemed to be able to justify carving out 20+ hours of my week to work on this shit pro bono, to take money out of my pocket is a little harder to stomach.

I would’ve already made some merch, but the thing is that it truly does seem that we are getting close to resolving this thing. Hank III was at Curb on Thursday meeting about something. Something tells me the whole reason for the delay in the new Hank III tour might have something to do with III needing to be around to take care of the legal stuff, or that they think they can get Damn Right, Rebel Proud released soon, BEFORE they launch a new tour.

But if it turns out that we are in for a long haul or there is some major setback, shit yeah we will make some merch, and since I don’t want to make a dollar off this thing, we’ll take the proceeds and use it to put up billboards or do whatever else we can to get Curb’s attention that costs $$$. I just don’t want to make a bunch of T shirts and then have Shelton tell me to chill the whole thing out because they finally got the whole contract thing resolved.

Also understand that at this point, Curb might want to walk away from the contract too. Hank III and Curb might just be fighting about how best to do that.

I’ll keep you posted.

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