Ft. Worth Zoo Names New Giraffe Brothers “Willie & Waylon”

Willie (L) Waylon (R)

The Ft. Worth Zoo is considered one of the Top 5 zoos in the United States, and the best zoo in Texas. And to show off a little bit of their Texas spirit, the zoo has decided to name two new arrivals after a couple of Texas musicians known for standing tall over the competition.

On April 28th, the Ft. Worth zoo celebrated the arrival of a new 121-pound, 5 feet 10 inch tall reticulated giraffe to the zoo family, and then on May 23rd, another new arrival came in the form of a 6 foot 1, 181-pound baby giraffe. After some careful consideration the Ft. Worth Zoo decided to name the brothers “Willie” and “Waylon” respectively. “Waylon” was the name given to the bigger, 181-pound brother—the biggest giraffe baby the zoo has ever welcomed.

“Just last week, Yahoo Travel named us the best zoo in Texas, and so we wanted to give them some strong Texas names, and give some strong Texas representation with our new boys,” says Avery Elander of the Ft. Worth Zoo. “And we thought, why not go with two of Texas music’s most well-known stars, and big music giants, Willie & Waylon?”

Reticulated giraffes are native to the African Savannah, and are known for their chestnut-brown rectangular markings that like human fingerprints, are unique to each animal. The Ft. Worth Zoo has been home to giraffes since 1952.

“They are half brothers,” Avery Elander explains. “They share the same sire, who is named ‘Captain.’ They had different mothers.”

Waylon and Willie are now on exhibit with the rest of the giraffe herd in the zoo’s African Savannah exhibit.

Waylon (front) Willie (back)

Waylon (L) Willie (R)

Waylon (sitting) Willie (standing)

Willie (L) Waylon (R) no  2

Photos courtesy of the Ft. Worth Zoo.