Gabe Lee Announces New Album “Drink The River”

If put on the spot by someone and asked to rattle off one artist that they probably have never heard of but will immediately love, “Gabe Lee” might be the best answer. The soul in this guy’s voice, the songwriting, the purpose and intention in his delivery, it is all exquisite. Gabe Lee is as rare as he is real, and all the world needs to do to fall for him is to be exposed. The music does the rest.

The world will have a new opportunity to fall for Gabe Lee when he releases his latest album Drink The River on July 14th via the Torrez Music Group. After ratcheting up the volume and electricity on his last album The Hometown Kid from 2022, Lee’s going in the opposite direction for the new one by dialing it back, and relying on more acoustic and understated tones.

Gabe Lee calls upon regular studio collaborators Lucciana Costa of King Margo on dobro and vocals, Tim Denbo on bass, and Dave Racine on drums, while also bringing in Jason Roller and Eamon McLaughlin from the Grand Ole Opry house band to help on fiddle and mandolin.

“Drink the River is about our shared human experience,” says Gabe. “Comprising stories collected from work, family, travels, and the miles in between. This record draws upon the heart of human emotions—both joy and sorrow—seeking to explore the common ground between the communities of music I’ve been welcomed into and beyond. From humorous backwoods country justice to bittersweet reminders of our mortality, this record invites lovers of storytelling to drink from the river of shared human experience through which all our collective story’s flow. And to remind listeners that even on a big planet we live in a small world.”

Well damn Gabe, say no more. We’re convinced, and July 14th can’t get here soon enough. We also have an opportunity right now to get our first taste with the song “Even Jesus Got The Blues” ahead of the album (listen below), where you can hear Gabe more earthy approach to this album. The album will also come with a new version of Gabe’s signature song “Eveline.”

First emerging with his 2019 debut album farmland, Gabe Lee quickly distinguished himself as a top flight songwriter in the field of new independent country performers, and an incredibly passionate and soulful singer with songs like “Eveline” and “Emmylou.” The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Gabe grew up in the church where his mother played piano, and the appeal for the culture he was surrounded by in Nashville took hold.


1. The Wild
2. Even Jesus Got The Blues
3. Drink The River
4. Heart Don’t Break
5. All I Can Do Is Write About It
6. Merigold
7. Lidocaine
8. Eveline
9. Property Line

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