Garth Brooks Confirms “All Day Long” Single & Randall King-Penned Opening Tour Song

Garth Brooks has a new single on the way called “All Day Long” that will be debuting on radio stations on Tuesday, June 19th, as well as a new song called “The Road I’m On” that will also be made available to fans who pre-order his next album. The not-yet-titled album from Garth is expected to be released in the next few months. And though there’s no name or official release date for the new album, both songs will be made available to consumers who pre-order it starting Tuesday for a promotional price of $10.00 through Garth’s exclusive digital partner, Amazon.

This was the news coming out of Garth’s weekly Facebook Live stream on Monday (6-18) where he announced the new single and the details behind it. “Country music with a fiddle? You bet your ass! It’s coming tomorrow,” Garth said. At the CMA Fest earlier this month, Garth also said of the song, “We were playing all the stuff that we used to play in the honky tonks, and hearing it bounce off those brick walls and hearing those people sing along, I said, ‘You know what? What we need is a good damn honky-tonk song.’ So that’s what we went to do. This is one of those songs I can play all day long. I love this song.”

Garth went on to describe “All Day Long” as a mix of “Two of a Kind (Workin’ on a Full House), “Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til the Sun Comes Up),” and “Callin’ Baton Rouge.” “I’m just gonna say that a seat belt and a helmet might be nice on this one,” Garth promised.

The second song “The Road I’m On” is a song Garth has chosen to be the opening song for his upcoming tour. As Saving Country Music predicted last week, it is a song written by emerging traditional country artist Randall King, who Garth has been touting since the release of Randall’s self-titled album on April 27th.

“Everybody always asks me, who are the new people that you’re looking at coming up. Guys, I’m going to tell you right now, this kid right here, Randall King,” Garth said in April. “All I can say is, sweet guy, good guy, hell of a writer, hell of a songwriter. An independent artist. He’s not signed to a record label. This is what country music is all about for me.”

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“The Road I’m On” will be a big boost in attention (and royalties) for Randall King, especially as the opening song on Garth’s upcoming tour. Garth says of the song, “It’s just one of those songs that’s just all about appreciation and describes the tour really really well.”