Garth Brooks Just Announced a New Album … Kind Of

Garth Brooks has just announced a new album, and he’s announced it in the Garthiest of Garthiest kind of ways. We don’t have a name for the new album yet. That remains a mystery. There is no track list just yet, or cover art. We don’t really have a release date for the album either, though we know it’s being released, and physical copies are currently available for pre-order.

But like Garth Brooks loves to do, to purchase his new album at the moment, you have to buy a bunch of albums and songs you probably have already purchased before.

“Okay so it’s out. We weren’t ready for it, because we had to do Bass Pro—big box retailer—they had to release their catalog for Christmas. I can’t believe it’s already here, right?” Garth explained on this week’s “Inside Studio G” streaming show on Facebook.

Long story short, Garth’s new album is currently available, but it’s only available through a box set exclusively being sold via Bass Pro Shops where you have to purchase seven total albums to get it.

“Try to understand what this is,” Garth goes on to explain. “For anyone that’s a Garth fan from way back, the first limited series came out in the late ’90s. It was a chance for people to get all the music at a really low price … Did the same thing in 2007 I think. Did the second limited series. And now the third, and I guarantee you this will be the last limited series.”

The box set says it will ship between November 27th and December 4th from Bass Pro Shops. Though the listing doesn’t say specifically what the box set comes with, only that it’s “Packed with hits from Garth Brooks’ legendary career,” Garth explained on “Inside Studio G” that it comes with all the albums Brooks has released post retirement, including Man Against Machine (2014), Gunslinger (2016), and Fun (2020), along with Triple Live (2018).

Will the new album eventually be available for streaming? Yes, but exclusively on Amazon. When? We have no clue at the moment. Will individual copies of the new album be made available for purchase beyond the Bass Pro Shops box set? Perhaps, though maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see, and that has not been announced yet.

A cynic would say this is Garth’s way of padding his sales numbers, and roping folks into impulse purchases for the Christmas buying season through this box set. Is $29.95 for seven albums a good deal? Of course. But if you have any or all of these album already, you’re purchasing them for the second time just to get the new album, once again underscoring how Garth Brooks is the king of selling you the same song over and over.

As for what folks can expect from the new album? Garth says that he’ll have songs from it playing on his new streaming radio station The 615 on TuneIn. There is a new Garth Brooks song already playing on there called “Only Country Music” that is a good country song. He’s also been playing two other new songs in concert, including one that he played a portion of acoustically in the most recent “Inside Studio G” session, probably titled “Pleasure in the Pain.”

But when a fan specifically asked what the new album was called and if “Only Country Music” and “Pleasure in the Pain” would be on there, Garth dodged the question, saying “We try to never give anything away…” but alluded that “The Pleasure and the Pain” will be on there.

Garth does seem to be assuring people that whatever they get, it is definitely going to be country. “I very rarely get to do the [Keith] Whitley type … just the drinking songs. In Whitley’s words, ‘lower than a well diggers shoes.’ Sometimes it feels so good to feel bad. I think that’s what country music is great at,” Garth says.

It’s understandable if Bass Pro Shops needed to push out their Winter catalog and include the Garth Limited Series Box Set that he may have not have been ready to reveal all the details of just yet. But when you’re asking people to pay for something, it’s customary to let them know what they’re getting, or in this instance, if they’ll have to opportunity to purchase the new album individually. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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