Gear Stolen from John Moreland While Traveling to Mile 0 Fest in Florida

John Moreland and his band and crew are traveling a little lighter after their trailer was broken into Wednesday, February 7th in Orlando, Florida while on their way to perform at Mile 0 Fest in Key West. Though luckily no guitars were stolen, amplifiers and multiple other pieces of critical and expensive equipment were taken, as well as some personal items. Folks in Florida and beyond are asked to keep a lookout for the stuff. A full list of the stolen gear can be seen below.

John Moreland is scheduled to perform Saturday, February 10th at Mile 0 Fest. The Oklahoma-based songwriter recently began touring with a full band behind his recent record Big Bad Luv after years of touring as a solo acoustic performer. Moreland has five more dates in Florida through February 15th before returning home. Todd Farrell of the Dirty Birds has set up a Go Fund Me campaign on Moreland’s behalf for folks who want to donate to help replace the lost equipment.

“A little gear theft ain’t gonna ruin my goddamn day,” Moreland said about the incident. “See you soon, Key West.”

If you have any information on the stolen items, you’re asked to contact the police, and email .

John Moreland is considered one of the very best songwriters of the current generation, having been nominated for numerous awards, and regularly ending up near the top of end-of-year lists for his records. He has attracted the praise of artists such as Jason Isbell and Miranda Lambert.

List of Stolen Items:

  • ’66 Fender Tremolux Blackface
  • ’65 – ’66 Fender Showman Blackface
  • Walrus Audio Fathom
  • Keeley Memphis Sun
  • Old Blood Noise Fault
  • Xotic FX EP Booster (2)
  • Old Blood Noise A/B Switcher
  • Strymon el Capistran
  • PS-5 BOSS Super Shifter
  • Walrus Deep Six Compressor
  • Walrus Aetos Power Supply
  • CAD Case Custom Pedal Board
  • EHX Soul Food
  • Fishman Aura Spectrum
  • Two motorcycle jackets