Hank III’s Voice & Fuel TV Videos

Okay, so not to play the obsessed fan and post 2 blogs in a row about new Hank III videos, but a couple GREAT ones just surfaced from his appearance on Fuel TV’s Daily Habit on November 10th.

Check it out:

Props to Hank III’s bass player Zach Shedd and Free Hank III lieutenant Allison for helping to sniff these bad boys out.

Allison also recorded this one from a recent show at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn in Trashville:

Like I say, I normally wouldn’t obsess over new videos like this, but the Fuel TV stuff is amazing quality and should really be great as promotion tools for Shelton. I also had a couple of keen observations from these videos:

1. The great Shawn McWilliams is playing the same Gretsch Catalina Club pearl finish drum set I play. Okay, maybe this shit is only interesting to me, but whatever.

2. Hank III’s voice sounds great!

In my dumb opinion, his voice sounds better than it has in a long while. I think it sounds better than it does on some of the cuts of Damn Right, Rebel Proud.

For all of those wondering what he’s been doing the last year since he’s not been touring, one of the major things he’s been doing is rehabbing the voice, and it seems like it has been working for him. You have to understand, this is Shelton’s curse. He was told when he was younger he would never be able to do what he’s doing because the way his pipes are rigged. He’s done some amazing things with these limitations, and hopefully he learns to live with his limitations better moving forward.

Anyway, makes me glad to see him out there playing again, and that everything sounds good.

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