Hank III OFFICIAL Tour Info (GET SOME !!!)

OK people, remember when I wrote in THIS BLOG to not believe any tour info until it is posted on hank3.com or the Official MySpace site? And remember when I told you not to trust gossip websites like blabbermouth.net, who posted TWICE that Hank III would be touring with Down?

Well I hope you listened to me, because I just got official word that HANK III AND DOWN WILL NOT BE TOURING TOGETHER!

Instead Hank III will be headlining his own tour (yippee!) with goth country group Those Poor Bastards opening at least some of the dates. The only date that has been confirmed at this point is 2-15-09 at the House of Blues in New Orleans, but other dates should come available soon. But again, no date is official until you see it on an official Hank III website.

And as always I will try to keep you as up to date as possible and post all official Hank III news here, so subscribing to this blog is a good way to stay up to date.

I thought that touring with Down would’ve garnered Hank III some new fans, but as a greedy, already established fan, I want all the Hank III I can get, and a 25 minute country set and 25 minute Assjack set they would’ve played opening for Down would’ve not helped cure my Hank jones out at all.

So I am a happy little Hellbilly. Merry Xmas to me.

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