Hank III on Outlaw Radio & 1st Roundtable

Outlaw Radio ChicagoTONIGHT (10-20-09) none other than Hank Williams III will be on Outlaw Radio Chicago, having granted Jashie P. an ever increasingly rare interview.

You can hear it LIVE on punkandbeansradio.com at 9 PM CENTRAL, and because a Hank III interview has been known to crash servers from demand, they are going to rebroadcast the entire episode again at 10 PM. The episode will also be available for listening and downloading the next day at savingcountrymusic.com/outlaw-radio.

Also I am happy to announce that on Wednesday, another brain child on Jashie P. will be hatched. We don’t have a proper name for it at the moment, but what is going down is a first ever “Roundtable” of REAL country music media personalities. The roundtable will include your one and only lovalbe, huggasble Triggerman, Jashie P of Outlaw Radio, Blake Clayton from It Burns When I Pee, Big G from Big G’s Texas Roadshow, Joey Fuckup from the Hayride to Hell, and Howard from the Bootleg Asylum Radio Show.

This is the moment Nashville has been dreading for years; when the forces of REAL country collaborate toward the common purpose of raising up the grass roots until they strangle Music City’s ivory towers. I have no idea where this idea will go from here, but it can only be bad for corporate Nashville.

In the future this might be broadcast live through UStream, but for now we will be releasing this first Roundtable on Saturday 8-24, right here on savingcountrymusic.com. Stay tuned. Future Roundtables might include more and different attendees as well.

And if you have any suggestions for what the name of the Roundtable should be, pipe in below.

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