Hank III Planning “The New Beginning” Post Curb

Today is Hank Williams III‘s birthday, but I’m sure it won’t be nearly as special as New Years, when he will finally be contractually free from Curb Records. In a few recent interviews, Hank III has been dropping hints of what’s to come, and the phrase he continues to utter is “The New Beginning,” like there is a concerted effort to wipe the slate clean and put a period after the long-winded, turbulent, run-on sentence that was the Curb Records era.

Next year we have “A New Beginning” . . . After December 31st I get to start creating again, there will be another record, I’m gonna be pulling a bunch of friends from the big time, and from the underground. So we’re gonna pump out a country record, gonna try to do another either Hellbilly or Assjack record, and what I’ve been waiting for for years which is the “Attention Deficit Domination” project. Then we’ll be touring the road, and doing it all over again.

While talking with Premier Guitar (see full interview below), III described what people can expect from “ADD” through the discussion of his guitar pedals, specifically a DHX POG.

It’s mainly for what’s to come, what y’all have yet to hear. But for the slow, deep, sludgy doom rock really. The Attention Deficit Domination is where the fuzz, and vintage pedals, and heavy tones come into play.

The term “The New Beginning” also came up in an interview on Flock Media, where Hank III talked about the specific structure of how he will be moving forward, with his own record label, helped by a distribution company.

After January 1st, I’m starting up my own label, and signing with MRI Distribution, and that’s about it, really. We’ll be just be givin’ what we do, but we’ll at least have a lot more freedom, and we’ll be releasing country records, the hard rock, some of the stoner rock projects, and all kind of things. I just won’t have to go thru a bunch of lawyers to put my music out. I’d rather deal with people that respect what I do, and are glad to be working with me.

. . . if I could change one thing, at least around here, it would be getting the musicians back in charge of the music. The lawyers out smarted the musicians, and took the jobs away from them, and if we had more musicians who were lawyers, it might make a difference.

And Curb is not the only industry element purged from the Hank III camp moving forward. Recently he parted ways with his manager for many years Andra Dalto, and right now the word is he will be working heretofore without representation. His mom now helps him with his merch, and his long-time girlfriend might be helping with things moving forward as the Hank III circle continues to tighten.

Once in a while she’ll come out to the shows, but she kind of likes being a bit behind the scenes for now. That might change one day, depending on how “The New Beginning” is, and us running the business and everything like that.

Fans of Hank III’s side project with Phil Anselmo called Arson Anthem also got an early Xmas present in the form of tour dates in support of their new record Insecurity Notoriety.

JAN 25 – Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero

JAN 26 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

JAN 27 – New Orleans, LA @ The Hangar

JAN 28 – Ft. Worth, TX @ Rail Club

JAN 29 – Fayetteville, AR @ Drifters

TBA – Nashville, TN – TBA

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