Hank III Plays Show in Nashville !!!

On Wednesday night, Hank Williams III played a one-off show at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Broadway in Nashville. This show was not advertised at all, in fact apparently mum was the word for all involved.

I’m not sure what the occasion was. Could’ve been a warmup for a tour, a video shoot, or a thank you to Layla for letting III use the Bluegrass Inn for a Reinstate Hank Rally a while back. Who knows.

The word is, the show kicked ass!!!

Triple thanks to Allison, a recently recruited Free Hank 3.org operative for allowing me to use these pictures. More can be seen HERE, and please drop Allison a quick line and tell her thanks.


As you can see, no Joe Buck. The bass player’s name is Zack. There’s also a banjer, and ol’ Andy Gibson is still doing his thing. I wouldn’t run with the idea that this is the new band lineup, but it is interesting.

Also, Outlaw Radio announced that on their Oct. 14th show, Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock will be appearing, and the next week on the 21st, none other than Hank III !!!


YouTubes just surfaced. Not very good quality, but whatever.

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