Hank III Tour Reviews & NEW SONG !

Hank IIIWell Hank Williams III has been on an east coast junket with Lucky Tubb and some good reviews, pictures, and videos have been rolling in.

Cathy’s Reinstate Hank Bandwagon has a good review with pictures HERE from the shows at Headliners in Louisville, KY and Bogart’s in Cincinnati. There’s also another review of the Cincinnati show at citybeat.com:

“. . . long, stringy hair tucked back behind his cowboy hat (firmly planted at a rakish angle, natch). Perhaps because he eschews the aviator sunglasses, facial hair, and extra pounds that his father enjoys, he cut a striking resemblance to the original Hank Williams. Like a pro, Hank III pandered to the crowd proletarian-style, celebrating the fact that all the “skaters, the Country fans, and the kids in black shirts” could come together on a work night and enjoy some root-tootin’ tunes. He strummed his guitar and delivered nasally manifestos about drinking, smoking and surviving while his backing band whipped up a whirlwind of breakneck Honky Tonk behind him. It was solid but not groundbreaking.”

Equisit Corps had a very Brooklyn review of the Brooklyn show, with excellent pictures and some more remarks about the unique crowd that assembles at a Hank III show:

“There was a cool mix of people at the show who didn’t really fit together that well. This beefy redneck with a neck wider than Henry Rollin’s remarked that I was a faggot for taking photos, but he was pretty much correct in a sense. ‘Faggot’ in the working class America vernacular I mean, devoid of homosexuality and strangely acceptable to say about a stranger. I am a skinny culture vulture who lives in Brooklyn and got guestlisted to take photos at a country music show, so keep on slurrin’ REAL AMERICA!, I’m proud to be your token faggot. I’m even happier that you made the trip to Brooklyn from your ranch home for some true fucking country music. Just for good measure though, I chugged some weed beer and made out with this girl wearing a crass shirt.

So why when a frau rocks the camera nobody has a problem with it, but when it is a herr that makes him a fag? As a journalist, I want to know.

It is cool though that almost any Hank III review usually includes remarks about the diversity of the crowd, and really this holds true for MOST artists in the REAL country movement. Old and young, punks and rednecks: the diversity of the REAL country movement is one of our strengths.

III also debuted a new song in Buffalo called “Rebel Within'”:

III mentioned the new album. My guess is we might be hearing more about this come late Summer or early Fall. I’ll keep you posted.

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