Hank III Vinyl Now on Pre-Order (+new interview)

Hank III I reported back in late February that Hank Williams III’s first three albums were going to be released on vinyl on April 18th. Well those bad boys are now available for pre-order through Amazon.com.

Why pre-order?

Well I know that times are tough, but if you’re planning to buy the vinyl albums anyways and you have the scratch, you should pre-order them because a lot of times record labels use the amount of pre-orders to gauge the interest in a certain album. The more pre-orders, the more albums they make. The more albums they make, the better the distribution. Long story short, pre-ordering albums will help Hank III out and help spread the word about his music.

Here are some links:

Risin Outlaw (Vinyl LP with Bonus CD]

Lovesick, Broke and Driftin [Vinyl LP with Bonus CD]

Straight to Hell [2 LP Vinyl]

And if you use these links to order, a small (and I mean small) amount of the purchase will go into the savingcountrymusic.com expense fund to help pay for web fees and keep my webmaster full of PBR, without costing you a red penny more.

And if you don’t want to order online, locate a local record store, not a big chain, and pre-order there. There’s a few reasons more artists are putting their albums out in vinyl, but one good one is that independently-owned records stores are disappearing because of downloadable music. Vinyl gives artists a physical product to sell that is a different experience from the digital format, and a lot of times vinyl is the best way to experience the album artwork.

And speaking of Hank III, there’s a new article about him on revolvermag.com. There a couple of good nuggets in there, like Hank III’s love child we’ve heard about many times is a soon-to-be 18-year-old boy with dreads, and his son’s b-day was the reason for the slight delay in the tour schedule.

But man, every time a female interviews Hank III, they let the fact that they want to get naked with him get in the way. Yes ladies I know you think he’s a hot hunk of man meat (or a DILF taking into consideration the dreaded out IV), but goodness. She kept trying to take the conversation below the equator, and III of all people was the one trying to bring it back up. I guess this was advertised as a sex blog, but still.

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